Hand Made Copper Guitars

Patented, tubular neck-through design for maximum strength and sustain


No Truss Rod

Set it and forget it! The strength of the neck and straight-through design holds better tuning for a stress free performance.


Maximum Strength

Silver soldered construction withstands changes in humidity and temperature without warping.


Tubular Design

Superior tone, sustain, and resonance. No heel at the joint allows easy access to your highest frets and the curve in the lower body is designed for optimal comfort. Even the wiring is securely housed in the durable copper!



Absolutely no wood! Each guitar features a hand made copper body and a Richlite fiber composite fretboard.


Endless Customization

Multiple hardware and finish options make every Tone.a.cane guitar completely unique. 


Our Story


Tone.a.cane was named by my 9 year old son, who  said the guitars sounded like a “hurricane of tone”.

After I was fortunate enough to perform at a club on Beale Street on a trip to Memphis, Tennessee, I was inspired to start building cigar box guitars. Ultimately I discovered that I wanted a unique design for the neck of the guitar and started using copper pipes to create a tubular construction. I’ve always loved the unique properties of copper; it's a metal that can be 100% recycled (copper pipe in your basement could have been recycled out of a ring that Cleopatra once wore!) and is a fantastic green alternative to using endangered forest products.    

When I realized the potential for exceptional tone and sustain when resonated through the copper pipes, I began designing guitars solely out of copper.  Thoughts of how to create the world’s finest copper guitar consumed me, and I would lay awake at night thinking about how to improve playability, sound quality, and aesthetics. It took more than three years and dozens of iterations to design the guitar you see today, and I couldn't be prouder to share them with the world!



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